Monday, 9 January 2017

Fighting Back: Save The NHS

The Red Cross have announced that there is a humanitarian crisis in the UK because our NHS is so chronically underfunded and at breaking point.

This is ridiculous.

We are a rich, civilised Western country and we cannot care for our sick and vulnerable.

We cannot because the Tories do not wish too. There's nothing in it for them, so they want to run the NHS into the ground and then wheel out a new privatised health care system, making them money. Something current Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt (the right old cunt) wrote about some years ago as his ultimate aim.

This Tory government have made cuts of £20 billion, with a further £22 billion in their sights. Is it any wonder the single greatest achievement made by this country in the last sixty years is now at crisis point?

We need to act now. We need to demand more funding to save lives and save the NHS for future generations.

Sign this petition now.

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