Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Demand an Inquiry into the Trident Missile Cover Up

It's becoming increasingly clear that Theresa May and her government knew full well the facts relating to the dangerous missfire of the Trident missile ahead of the Trident renewal vote in the House last year.

This is nothing short of a disgusting cover up by the Tory government and it's obvious that May and Defence Secretary Michael Fallon are willing to cower and hide behind the 'National Security' line in order to play down this monumentally dangerous event as much as possible. Meanwhile, Trump's US administration is actually briefing their media on the details of the event - so how exactly is it an issue of national security?

The Green Party MP and Parliamentary chair of CND Caroline Lucas has tabled an early day motion for parliament to call for an inquiry into the missile test and the decision to hold the information from parliament and the public. Please ask that your MP signs this motion by completing the template email letter on the CND website here

We need to poke at the cracks at the Tory Party and the establishment's reliance on doomsday weapons to topple them both.

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