Wednesday, 18 January 2017

BBC Admits to Political Impartiality and Inaccurate Reporting

Finally, the BBC's governing body has found what we've all known for some time; that the BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg is politically biased and happy to misrepresent and inaccurately report on Labour and Jeremy Corbyn.

The ruling was based on a report Kuenssberg gave for the News at 6 following the terrorist attacks in Bataclan, Paris in November 2015 which inaccurately presented Corbyn's views on shoot-to-kill when Kuenssberg made it look as if Corbyn was answering a specific question she did not actually put to him.

Ironically, this comes just a day after the BBC's flagship magazine programme The One Show advised viewers on how to spot 'Fake News' When the show's guest Sanjeev Bhaskar asked who you could trust in the media these days, the reporter rather smugly replied 'Well I think we can trust the BBC'

Um, no. We really cannot.

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