Saturday, 17 December 2016

RIP Ian McCaskill

The fondly remembered BBC weather presenter Ian McCaskill died earlier this week at the age of 78. He had been suffering with dementia for the last five years, his daughter Kirsty revealed.

The Glasgow born McCaskill presented the weather on the BBC for twenty years and, with his exuberant, puckish manner, become oft imitated and even had his own Spitting Image puppet. His career began thanks to his National Service in the RAF in the late '50s, where he found himself assigned to the Meteorological Corps as an airman meteorologist. Upon concluding his service in 1961, McCaskill joined the Met Office, working at Prestwich Airport, Malta and the Manchester Weather Centre, before transferring to the London Weather Centre in 1978 whereupon he became a member of the BBC forecasting team. He retired in 1998 but for a generation he remains synonymous with the televised weather report alongside the likes of fellow presenters Michael Fish, John Kettley and Bill Giles.



  1. How could you forget Bert Foord? He was my favourite, his unwaveringly lugubrious cast never cracked, shifted or slipped; and he never failed to leave me with a comfortable feeling that life really wasn't worth bothering with... :)

    1. Not forgotten, just never experienced firsthand as he left in the early 70s - long before I was born I'm afraid. For a generation, such as my own, who grew up in the 80s and 90s, McCaskill, Fish and Kettley were the big 3