Thursday, 1 December 2016

RIP Bernard Gallagher

The very very sad news broke today that Bernard Gallagher who, as Ewart Plimmer was Casualty's first leading man, died earlier this week according to Roobarb and a note in The Guardian obit.

I know that being in his late 80s (he was born in 1929) he had a good innings, but I am nevertheless heartbroken. Gallagher was one of my favourite character actors and produced not only one of Casualty's finest characters in Ewart but also one of British TV's finest characters full stop. Indeed, he was rightly recognised as being key to Casualty's success that he made a brief 'return' to the show (albeit in voice only) for the 30th anniversary episode A Child's Heart written by one of the show's creators Paul Unwin. It's doubly sad to think that we have now lost two of the long-running series original cast members; Christopher Rozycki having also passed away last year.

Gallagher had many credits in his long career ranging from Crown Court right the way through to Downton Abbey. It was his role in the former as Jonathan Fry QC that saw Gallagher repeatedly cast as characters in authority, often judges or barristers, but also senior police officers and of course, in Casualty, a consultant doctor. He also appeared in several excellent TV plays such as Red Shift, Arthur's Hallowed Ground and First and Last.

I am so glad I took the opportunity to write to him last year, recieving a lovely handwritten note on a beautiful British Red Cross card and a photo (signed on the back) in reply


(Edit to add: a full obituary appeared in The Guardian  on Monday 5th December, 2016)


  1. I knew him as I worked for some years with his wife. He was a kind and generous man. He died peacefully in hospital.

    1. Hello Judith, thanks for stopping by and sharing that information. It's a relief to know that he did not suffer. The warmth he brought to his performances certainly hinted at the kindness and generosity in his character. Like I say, he was one of my favourite actors. Thanks again.