Monday, 5 December 2016

A Chat With Andrew Cartmel

Andrew Cartmel is a novelist, playwright and screenwriter. He is perhaps best known as his work for BBC television as a script editor for the 1987-'89 series of Doctor Who, an era of the show that saw Cartmel attempt to reinvigorate the long-running show with a new sense of mystery which become known as 'The Cartmel Masterplan'

Since his time on Doctor Who, Cartmel has written several novels as well as scripts for Midsomer Murders, Dark Knight and Torchwood. His latest venture is the noir thriller Written in Dead Wax, the first in a series of novels featuring 'The Vinyl Detective' - a record collector turned sleuth.

I recently spoke with Andrew about one of the lesser known aspects of his career; his role as a script editor on the fifth series of the BBC medical drama Casualty back in 1990. This chat, a frank and fascinating look at a rather difficult behind-the-scenes experience, has been published online at the Casualty and Holby City fansite You can read it for yourself here and learn at last the link Cartmel forged between Casualty and Ridley Scott's Alien!

For more information on Andrew, visit his excellent film review blog Narrative Drive, twitter or his Amazon Page

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