Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Strange Graffiti

I've blogged about my hometown's propensity for curious slogan-style graffiti on here previously, and with some examples on the Silent Sunday/Wordless Wednesday posts. Here's a few more examples from the bizarre end that have recently caught my eye

This was written on the pavement in chalk on Monastery Road in Sutton, St Helens; an impassioned word-of-mouth guerrilla style ad campaign for the 2014 environmental documentary, Cowspiracy, highlighting to passers by that it is streaming now on Netflix. 

Where else would you find such a statement but on the wall of a public lavatory. This one was taken in one of the cubicles of the Morrisons on Boundary Road, St Helens. It caught my eye because it was the only piece of graffiti in the loos and because it is just such a stupid thing to write. I mean, was someone doubting the scribe?

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