Tuesday, 15 November 2016

It's a Bit Rich, Lloyd Webber

Haunted gargoyle featured Andrew Lloyd Webber is in town, this time flogging his latest musical tripe, The School of Rock. It was genuinely sickening to see him on the sofa of The Graham Norton Show on Friday evening (and just repeated once again on BBC1) alongside Chris Martin, Rosamund Pike and that talentless tosser Michael McIntyre bemoaning how the Conservative government (of which he is a member, and a sitting Lord) isn't doing enough to fund the arts in this country.

I quite agree with him of course, but I felt genuinely angry as I watched him sit back and bask in the audience applause and the nodding, impressed heads of Martin, Pike, McIntyre and Norton, because this is a man who has got his priorities completely wrong and here's why;

Andrew Lloyd Webber's Beliefs:

Cutting funding to the arts - Bad.

Cutting funding to the most vulnerable in our society - Good. 

In fact, he'll fly in especially from New York to vote in favour of this, making it just the 30th occasion in fourteen years and 1,898 opportunities to vote in the House of Lords.

(Image and stats from the excellent Another Angry Voice blog)

So permit me to say that slagging off the government only for what they aren't doing for the industry you work in is a bit rich. Almost as rich as Lloyd Webber is himself.

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