Monday, 17 October 2016

The Crystal Gazer: Sandra Caron, 1973

Channel 4 broadcast a special one-off edition of The Crystal Maze last night for the charity StandUp2Cancer, with Stephen Merchant stepping into the gamesmaster shoes previously worn by Richard O'Brien and latterly by Edward Tudor-Pole of Tenpole Tudor fame. I was quite surprised to see they'd included Mumsie, the riddling fortune teller character created by Sandra Caron in the original series, played this time around by none other than Maureen Lipman!

Mumsie then, Sandra Caron

Mumsie now, Maureen Lipman

It spurred me on to googling Caron, who was of course the sister of tragic songbird Alma Cogan, and I found these delicious, atmospheric photographs from 1973 taken by Howard Grey which feature her gazing wistfully, maybe even mournfully out of the window of a cafeteria

For more of these photographs visit Howard Grey's site here

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  1. Sandra had a brief thing going on with Paul McCartney before he hooked up with Jane Asher. IIRC he composed Yesterday on her piano.She's had bad press over the years for veto-ing some Alma-related projects.