Monday, 31 October 2016

Tories Continue to Block Justice for Orgreave

Home Secretary Amber Rudd (yes, the one who said employers should supply the government with the full number and details of any immigrants in their employ - the racist cunt herself) has today announced that there was not 'sufficient evidence' to launch an inquiry or independent review into the Battle of Orgreave.

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Words fail me.

Oh no, actually I do have some; fucking bastard Tory cover up! 

This was a brutal act of class warfare in which the police were effectively Thatcher's own private militia. They had been trained for months in advance of this incident and some of the same officers went on to become implicit in that other huge cover up; Hillsborough. The files themselves prove that Thatcher lied to the public when she claimed she had no intention of eradicating the coal industry in this country. How is that for sufficient evidence?

Continue the fight at the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

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