Monday, 10 October 2016

Theme Time : Martin Phipps & The Medieval Baebes - Victoria

I can't say Victoria, ITV's sumptuous new period drama exploring the reign of the young Queen Victoria as played by Jenna Coleman, has gripped me really - I think my problem is I found it rather redundant after the relatively recent 2009 film Young Victoria starring Emily Blunt - but I cannot deny how exquisite the theme tune is.

Entitled Alleluia, this haunting piece is composed by Martin Phipps with vocals provided by the classical choral group The Medieval Baebes (pictured above; the group had previously worked with Phipps in providing the memorable score to the BBC's The Virgin Queen, a 2006 drama concerning that other female crown, Elizabeth I) Executive producer of the ITV drama Dan McCulloch has said of Phipps' work; "He wanted to scores something that literally came from the can hear a beat that's a lot like Victoria's heart thumping away"

Victoria came to an end yesterday evening, but will return to ITV for a second series next year.

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