Sunday, 9 October 2016

Out On Blue Six : Ph.D.

For their 1982 top 10 hit, the band Ph.D. recorded not one but two music videos. 

The first is an amusing slapstick piece shot around London's Westway which sees the band's vocalist, the late Jim Diamond, attempt to woo back his blonde leggy former love. During his attempts he inadvertently evades a series of assassination attempts from Tony Hymas, the keyboard player. 

I really like the video but it is perhaps fair to say the comedic element detracts somewhat from the song's overall message or the atmosphere and tone it evokes.

The second is a much more (and perhaps suitably) melancholic and introspective affair that sees Diamond singing into his dressing room mirror which conjures up an image of his former lover.

It's alright like, but it's a bit dull compared to the first one.

And there seems to be some disagreement and confusion over just who the leggy blonde beauty that stars in both videos actually is; Jilly Johnson, Nina Carter or Kim Watson? I'm calling the latter myself, but if you know for sure, pop it in a comment below.

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