Sunday, 4 September 2016

Tonight's Tele Tip : Poldark, BBC1 9pm

Oh yeah, it's back!

Here's hoping that this second series of Debbie Horsfield's adaptation of Winston Graham's classic novels (and remake of the original 1970s BBC adaptations), starring the stunning Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson, is just as good as the first run.


  1. Good to have it back after over a year or so. Its certainly darker in tone, but its a 10-parter, so lots to go yet. I didn't realise Caroline Blakison is the old granny, good to see the original Poldark Robin Ellis, and Bergerac (John Nettles) too.
    VICTORIA on the other side should be worried, its all a bit low-brow (and its all been done before), shoddy CGI - the backdrops are appalling, couldn't they afford anything better? It might look up when Albert appears ....
    I am sure Aiden will be the next James Bond, he has that smouldering, brooding early Connery vibe down pat - that Hiddleston guy is far too wet (and running around with Taylor Swift won't improve his image).

    1. If it's not Mr Turner then I'd plump for James Norton, but Hiddleston as you say is just too wet and his romancing of Taylor Swift rather ridiculous. I don't know if you saw Newzoids on Saturday night but they did quite a good sketch on their publicity seeking affair. Though the best sketch was the Strictly one, with Tess revealed to be a robot who can't do unplanned chat!

      I still haven't seen a single ep of Victoria yet, but I am taping them. It does seem a little 'why bother?' after the Emily Blunt film Young Victoria

  2. Ah, missed Newzoids - but I can now "download" them on "catch-up" - technology !