Saturday, 3 September 2016

Out On Blue Six : Elastica

In my continuing quest to reconnect with my youth, I picked up Elastica's 1995 eponymous debut album as part of a three for a fiver deal in my local music/DVD store this week, and was instantly transported back to the dizzying Britpop heights of the mid 90s.

It's a shame that Elastica aren't recognised as the greats they actually were. Dogged by controversies that led to out of court settlements to bands such as Wire and The Stranglers, Elastica seem to have been ignored now as if they somehow conned us. So what if this riff is the same as Wire's Three Girl Rumba, it's still a great song in its own right and, in an age when virtually every song is subjected to claim and counter claim (with bands like Coldplay no less, repeatedly accused and yet still retaining their place in the market) I think it matters even less now.

End Transmission


  1. I vaguely remember Elastica. Recently I rediscovered the 90s group Sneaker Pimps. My fav is Splinter (1999), arguably the darkest of their three albums.

    1. Most people only seem to vaguely remember them these days and that's a real shame which I think is due to the controversies that followed that seemed to discredit them as greats in their own right. Justine Frischmann's legacy in Britpop shouldn't just be she was Damon Albarn's 'bird'

      Aah Sneaker Pimps. Trip-hoppy goodness :) Was listening to them just the other day too