Friday, 2 September 2016

Brooke Satchwell : My Forgotten Pin Up

"C'mon, you must remember him?"

Words I uttered to my mother when I was watching Chicago Fire. Let me explain, for anyone unfamiliar with the hit US TV series, Chicago Fire details the personal and professional lives of the firemen and women of Firehouse 51. Starring as Lt Matt Casey is Jesse Spencer who, for many years appeared in Neighbours, the Australian soap opera much beloved by my mum. It was Spencer whom I was referring to when asking her if she remembered him, telling her he played Karl and Susan Kennedy's son Billy, but she drew a blank to my amazement.

How could she forget someone she watched on TV in a daily basis for years? 

Surprised and determined to jog her memory, I then went on to Google to find pictures of him in his Neighbours heyday and, in doing so, came across one of his co-stars from that time - Brooke Satchwell.

And I suddenly felt less bewildered by my mum's lapse of memory, as I had completely forgotten Brooke Satchwell who had appeared in Neighbours for four years from 1996 to 2000 as Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy's girlfriend - who I had a massive crush on!

Neighbours captivated British viewers when it arrived on BBC1 in 1986. It was broadcast twice daily, once after the 1pm news, but more crucially again at 5:35pm after Children's BBC, where it captured the attention of kids such as myself. Fast forward ten years and the teenage me knew the show was utter cobblers, but it had become habitual viewing and it cannily kept my attention with a series of attractive young actresses often dressed in just a bikini - Brooke certainly fell into that category; she was adorably cute, busty yet slim and very often placed in swimwear as a host of galleries on the net will testify, of which this is just one example

She also looked pretty sweet in her school uniform, had a delightful toothy smile, and often drew comparisons to a certain teenybopper of the time called Billie (what happened to her? hehe)

But if you ask me, Brooke was far better looking than Billie Piper, and indeed still is; I'm pleased to see that she's still working on TV in her native Oz both as an actress and as herself, often appearing in their version of Play School

And is still a stunner too

So goodness knows how I could forget such a beauty I spent my daily teatimes lusting after in my late teens

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