Saturday, 13 August 2016

Raised By Wolves - A Message From Caitlin Moran

I cannot believe how utterly short-sighted Channel 4 are in cancelling the funniest sitcom in years; Raised By Wolves.

Thankfully Caitlin Moran believes it is far from over. 

If you have Facebook (unlike me, I don't) and love Raised By Wolves (just like me, I do) then please join the Moran rebel alliance. If you don't have Facebook (like me) you can subscribe to the rebel alliance via the Raised By Wolves website - see the link at the end of the video above, just after Caitlin's tits!

There's also a petition here

I really hope she manages to secure a third series somewhere else - but not Amazon Prime or Netflix eh? Cos I don't have them! Let's have it on a proper channel. If it does go 'online' then let's at least have very expedient DVD releases!

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