Sunday, 7 August 2016

Finally! A Good Reason To Watch The Olympics: Helen Skelton

Regular readers of my blog will no doubt know of my love for former Blue Peter presenter and all round action girl Helen Skelton (I even met her once in Warrington don't ya know) So imagine my delight at seeing how hot she looked presenting coverage of the swimming in Rio this morning in what The Daily Fail have called a 'thigh-grazing miniskirt' 

Of course it's ridiculous that some prudes have taken to twitter and various comment sections under the dozens of articles that have popped up since this morning's broadcasts to complain about Helen Skelton having *shock horror* LEGS! I mean, this is Rio, it's a bloody hot country and Skelton is wearing clothing that is appropriate for the climate as well as emphasising that she is a hot young woman. Also the swimming for goodness sakes, are they going to complain about the athletes skimpy swimsuits and budgie smugglers too?

My only complaint personally was that it was very hard to maintain an erection when the camera kept cutting to the irritating harridan that is Rebecca Adlington!

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