Monday, 1 August 2016

Corbyn Rally, Liverpool 1/8/16

The common consensus among the sneering Red Tories is that the Corbyn supporters and the grass roots Labour movement are nothing but a bunch of armchair socialists and clicktivists living in front of their computer and TV screens. Well, I was just one of up to ten thousand who proved them wrong by standing up and getting out for what they believed in. Ten thousand of us descended upon St George's Plateau in Liverpool tonight to hear Corbyn speak and we managed to get Lime Street closed down for ninety minutes in the process.

It was an electric evening which saw Corbyn and his fellow speakers including Steve Rotheram, Alice Bennett and Joann Kushner were deeply passionate and inspiring. Just you try telling the mass of people in these photos that Jeremy Corbyn is an unelectable figure with no support and nothing to say.

Photos taken from the Liverpool Echo's website - I did take my own but, despite being only something like twenty feet away from the man himself, they are pretty shambolic!

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