Friday, 29 July 2016

Theme Time : Postman Pat, RIP Ken Barrie

I'm using the Theme Time post as an opportunity to pay tribute to a voice that shone throughout my childhood years, the voice of Postman Pat, Ken Barrie who has sadly died at the age of 83.

Born in Stoke-On-Trent as Leslie Hulme, Barrie first carved out a career in song and voice overs in the late '50s under the name Les Carle when, signed to Embassy Records, he appeared on albums by Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby, supplied backing vocals for David Essex, sang the theme tune to Hi-De-Hi and overdubbed vocals for Larry Hagman, George C Scott and Horst Bucholz as well as advertising everything from Martini to Smash and providing the voice for another children's series Charlie Chalk in 1987.

Changing his name to Ken Barrie (the christian names of his two brothers in law) he accepted his most famous role as the voice of every child's favourite postman in 1981. Created by John Cunliffe (no relation to myself - that I know anyway!) and directed by Ivor Wood, Postman Pat told the story of the postman who's round was the valley of Greendale (inspired by Cumbrian village Longlesddale) and Barrie performed the theme tune composed by Bryan Daly and voiced by Pat until 2004 when he handed the vocal duties over to Lewis Macleod.



  1. How do I break this to my 2 year old?

    Oh wait... no, if he gave up in 2004, then I'm safe. The other bloke must be the voice of the Special Delivery Service. Phew.

    Still, for anyone older than two, a dark day indeed.

    1. And made even darker with the news that Mrs Mangel has died too.