Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Eagle Has Flown

Hahaha, hahaaa, haha, ha

Her coup against Corbyn has gone the way of the disgraceful coup in Turkey at the weekend, and it couldn't happen to a nicer person.

Let's look at her disreputable character in the past few weeks and savour the moment that she realised she had little support in the party.

1. Her claims that Corbyn didn't do enough for the Remain camp during the EU referendum. In fact, Corbyn visited ten times more venues than she did. And if she truly believed that, why did she say at the time that Corbyn was tirelessly working to ensure we remained in the EU? "Jeremy is up and down the country, pursuing an itinerary that would make a 25-year-old tired, he has not stopped" Angela Eagle speaking to the Guardian on 13th June, this year. 
"Under your leadership the case to remain in the EU was made with half-hearted ambivalence rather than full throated clarity" Angela Eagle in her resignation letter on 27th June, this year.

2. The fact that she had planned this coup way before the EU result, with an Angela4Leader website being licensed two days before the referendum. So if it really was about Corbyn being unable to sway Labour voters to vote Remain, why had she planned this before the result was announced? 

3. Her constant claims of abuse, both homophobic and those that suggested she would be harmed or even killed. This is something that many anti-Corbyn Labour MP's and workers are now claiming - A disgusting attempt to use the murder of Jo Cox as a concern they all face - and the finger seems to be forever pointed at Momentum. Reports that a Brighton CLP meeting was disrupted by intimidating, hard left thugs has been thoroughly debunked by those in attendance who reported a calm and civil meeting. Johanna Baxter claimed that she was intimidated at an NEC meeting, a claim that has never been corroborated whilst she has routinely failed to provide evidence to support her claim. There were even claims that Wallasey CLP endured homophobic abuse when Angela attended a meeting; a claim that was subsequently proven false by the chair of Wallasey CLP who pointed out that not only was the meeting civil, but that Angela Eagle wasn't even there! Is it any wonder that Wallasey refused to support her? No one reports that Jeremy Corbyn receives death threats himself.

4. The infamous brick through the window of her office. The brick actually shattered the window of a communal stairwell in Sherlock House, a building that houses several interests, one of which just happens to be Angela Eagle's office. Her staff placed a Labour poster there deliberately to suggest that the window was the one to her office. See the following YouTube video

5. Angela Eagle consistently claimed that her intention was to unite the party, yet her idea of unity actually seemed to be a determined, scurrilous effort to tear the party apart. She completely discredited the thousands of new Labour supporters who have become politicised because of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, claiming that a bitter minority, thrown out in the '90s had returned and were pulling the strings. Her hashtag keepitcomradely was the last, hilarious straw. 

6. Angela Eagle never once answered a straight question with a straight answer. Asked about policies and Eagle routinely referred to leadership and long prepared speeches that said absolutely nothing. Her policy ideas could have been summed up by her appalling voting record (which she referred to as 'one of those nasty little memes going around on twitter) Angela Eagle voted for the cuts to welfare, she voted for the Iraq war, she voted to bomb Syria, she voted for tuition fees, and she voted for nuclear weapons.

Goodbye, Ms Eagle. 

Now we just need to see Owen Smith's leadership bid fail.

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  1. Yes, time for Mr Normal to depart too, just like that christian family man Stephen Crabb, so forgotten already I had to check his name!