Saturday, 2 July 2016

RIP Caroline Aherne

More sad news; Caroline Aherne has lost her two year battle with cancer at the age of 52.

The star shot to fame in the '90s with the rising new wave of comedians - having previously achieved some small acclaim and success in her native North West alongside Steve Coogan and John Thomson - with appearances on The Fast Show, and starring roles in her own series The Mrs Merton Show, Mrs Merton and Malcolm and, of course, the evergeen The Royle Family.

In recent years Aherne forged a career as a voice over artiste, narrating such series as the insanely popular Gogglebox for Channel 4 and Pound Shop Wars for BBC1.


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  1. I have just seen this on my BT Mail page and am really gutted. To lose her so soon after Victoria Wood and the others ..... we loved Caroline ever since Mrs Merton and The Fast Show ("what did I just say.."?") and of course the Royle Family - I recent re-saw the Christmas one with Tom Courtenay where Denise was attempting to cook christmas dinner .... comedy perfection. She too was very brave as she continued those voice-overs.