Monday, 4 July 2016

Fighting Back : Corbyn Coup Special : Petitions to Sign

This weekend saw Neil Kinnock take to The Andrew Marr Show to claim that Jeremy Corbyn was unelectable. That's Neil Kinnock. Neil Kinnock!

This weekend also saw over 2,000 people turn up at a Pro-Corbyn rally in Liverpool. The night before, a Friday, saw huge numbers turn out in Manchester for the same cause.

This coup against Jeremy Corbyn has to stop. The people, the real people, are telling you something here.

It ain't broke, so don't try to 'fix' it. have several petitions up at the moment to tackle this issue.

Imagine my irritation and anger at the news that the heart of the despicable, short sighted coup against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn here in my hometown of St Helens, thanks to Connor McGinn MP.

Mr McGinn, MP for St Helens North, has been plotting this for 6 months (which, like Angela Eagle setting up an 'Angela4Leader' website two whole days before the EU result, proves that this has nothing to do with how Corbyn performed in the referendum) These petitions ask that McGinn resign. Please sign them here and here because Mr McGinn is most emphatically NOT St Helens.

Staying with this betrayal; further petitions demand a deselection of the backstabbing 'red tories' within the party. Sign them here and here. Whilst this petition appeals for calm, asking them to stop and think, this petition tells them to put up or shut up. And this one turns the tables; a vote of no confidence in them

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