Thursday, 21 July 2016

Don't Let Brexit Ruin The NHS

EU migrants keep our NHS going. 1 in 10 doctors are EU citizens. Weeks have passed since that monumental vote was cast to leave the EU but the government have still not made a decision on whether EU medics can stay in the UK or not. The longer this decision goes unmade, the more likely it is we'll see 55,000 staff members within the NHS pack their bags and take their considerable expertise elsewhere - a place where they feel welcome.  

Theresa May needs to realise that without these people, people who make significant contributions to our NHS and society as a whole, we would be much worse off. Please sign this petition  and let her and her government know that we simply cannot afford to lose them.

The NHS was shamelessly used as a political tool in the Leave campaign. We were told lie after lie regarding it. It's time we get some honest answers. Answers we want to hear.


  1. Having had several hospital appointments in the last year (all ok now) I can indeed confirm the NHS is mainly run and staffed by EU nationals - most of the nurses and other staff - all of whom were wonderful, how on earth would it manage without them?

  2. Absolutely. We simply wouldn't manage without them, that's why it's imperative to pledge our support and force Empress Palpatine May to do the same. Glad to hear you're OK, Michael.