Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Another Day, Another Traitor: Owen Smith

Yesterday saw the NEC rule that Jeremy Corbyn should automatically appear on the ballot in the Labour leadership contest, a decision Stephen Kinnock claims he does not see the logic of (it's called democracy, mate)

Today sees another traitorous MP throw his hat into the ring alongside Angela Eagle and make a bid for leadership - Owen Smith, MP for Pontypridd and former shadow cabinet minister.

Let's look at what Owen Smith believes eh?

Owen Smith claimed he "didn't know" if he would have voted against the Iraq war as his predecessor Llew Smith had done.

Owen Smith believes in the private sector's involvement in the NHS and argues that PFI works; "let's do it"

Owen Smith believes that academies are the way forward for our education system.

Owen Smith refused to ditch Work Capability Assessments.

Owen Smith seems to have a problem with women. Happy to veto an all-women candidacy, he was also caught on film claiming that he hadn't been asked on Question Time, unlike Leanne Wood, who he claimed was only asked on because of her gender and not because she is the leader of Plaid Cymru.

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  1. I have it on good authority that when he worked at Pfizer, he was known as Oily Hughes for his Wormtongue like tendancy to tell everyone what he thought they wanted to hear. Another principle-free bottom feeder. Oh, and he has a mouth like a dog's anus...

  2. traitor is too kind a descriptor for this low life career politician. Jeremy is a threat to the political status quo which only servers itself and the rich. Im Welsh and am thoroughly ashamed this A class A hole claims to be Welsh