Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Which Side Are You On?

Faced with the question of whether the Labour Party will split should Jeremy Corbyn call for another leadership election and win the ballot once more, Margaret Beckett, speaking on today's Daily Politics, decried that that should not happen and that he should resign now.

This is as blatant a statement on how those against Jeremy Corbyn refuse to listen to the Labour Party membership that their lives and job roles depend on as I can see.

Surely they are here to serve their members interests, not their own?

How can they argue that Jeremy Corbyn did not connect with the traditional Labour voters at last week's referendum if they are now so wholeheartedly committed to ignoring them themselves should Jeremy Corbyn go to a vote?

Once again, the Blairites in the party have shown that their only interest is their own. They want to keep their jobs and their security and they don't feel they can do that for Corbyn as their leader.

Yes it would be tragic if an unprecedented split in the party occurs should Corbyn succeed once again as the Labour leader at an election. But surely the issue here is that these MP's against him should listen to what the majority of the membership has to say. If the members want Jeremy Corbyn as their leader then they must serve their memberships interests, and not their own.

This is like the mid '90s all over again when New Labour usurped 'Old' Labour; the party is changing and those MP's who feel out of place in the new political style (a traditional left wing political style once more) need to realise that they have to either go with the change or move out of the way. These people have to listen to what the members want and behave accordingly.

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