Tuesday, 28 June 2016

RIP Bud Spencer

News of another sad passing now, Italian movie star Bud Spencer has died aged 86.

As a kid growing up in the '80s, our family would regularly enjoy Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movies rented from the local video shop. Their enduring screen partnership was even named as an influence on the Russell Crowe/Ryan Gosling partnership in The Nice Guys 

Born Carlo Pedersoli in Naples, 1929 he was originally an Olympic swimmer and, in 1950, swam 100m in under one minute becoming the first Italian to do so. He competed in the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki and in Mebourne in 1956 and was also a renowned player of water polo.

But he gave up his sporting career and spent some time in the music industry first; composing neopolitan folk and pop for RCA before moving into acting, selecting the name 'Bud Spencer' in homage to his favourite beer (Budweiser) and his favourite actor (Spencer Tracy) Specialising in action comedies and spaghetti westerns, he enjoyed a successful career from the '50s through to the '80s and starred opposite Terence Hunt in 16 films that were delightfully tongue-in-cheek and perfect buddy-buddy entertainment. 


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