Friday, 3 June 2016

Out On Blue Six : Dave Swarbrick, RIP

News of another sad passing now; Dave Swarbrick of Fairport Convention has died at the age of 75 of emphysema.

A legendary fiddler, Swarbrick played with Fairport Convention for ten years from 1969 to 1979 when the group disbanded.  He also recorded solo albums, including the eponymous Swarbrick which this trad. track, The Cuckoo's Nest, comes from...

Famously Swarbrick's obituary was mistakenly published in 1999 by the Torygraph when they noted that he had gone into hospital. Swarbrick subsequently printed copies off the obit off, signed them, and sold them at gigs!

He chased death for years, undergoing three tracheotomies, a double lung transplant and often performed concerts with an oxygen canister to help with his breathing. But now, he really has gone...and the folk music world will be a much emptier place.


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