Wednesday, 29 June 2016

How a Safety Pin Can Say No To Racism

The humble safety pin is making a BIG statement of support for immigrants in the UK who have had to bear some terrible incidents of racist abuse since the vote to leave the EU last week. 

And whilst yeah it's true what the critics in the article above says, how we shouldn't have to show we are not racist and how we should always show our solidarity with people by speaking up for them, I really do think that this will in its own way make a difference for anyone in these dark days facing abuse or is simply scared of the world we now find ourselves in. In all likelihood, to see someone wearing this, pledging support, could lead to conversation and friendships or bonds being formed. Anyway, anything that Piers Morgan calls 'absurd' is alright by me. 

So I'm wearing one. Who's with me?

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