Thursday, 5 May 2016

Women Denied The Vote In 2016

Hard to believe isn't it, but as we trot down to our polling stations today to vote in the local and PCC elections, there will be a significant number of British women who are not entitled to vote. That's women without the vote today, in 2016, not the past. Today.

As the above photo shows, suffragette Susan Anthony was beaten and arrested for her attempt to vote in the 1872 election. In 2016, women who have endured violence and abuse are finding it impossible to vote.

Mehala Osborne is one such woman and has started a petition demanding her right to vote on 38 Degrees.

Mehala lives in a women's refuge in Bristol. Her name and address does not appear on any electoral role to protect her safety and security. But the current system does not offer entry into the democratic process if you are unable to disclose your residential address, thus many victims of abuse and vulnerable and at risk women simply do not have a voice.

Mehala suggests that some 70% of residents in the safe house she resides in are in the same boat as her. There are 250 refuges like this across the UK, so technically each of those 250 establishments house around 70% of women without the right to vote today.

This is clearly wrong.

Please sign this petition and let's ensure women's voices can be heard today. 

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