Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Links Between Hillsborough and Orgreave

This exclusive from The Yorkshire Post is a fascinating read, detailing as it does the facts that both Orgreave and Hillsborough shared many of the same figures; the same senior police officers, the same solicitor, the same underhand, unethical tactics by the South Yorks force.

Last year the IPCC decided that it was 'not in the public interest' to hold an inquiry into the events at the Orgreave coking plant on 18th June 1984 in a significantly redacted report deemed 'sensitive' in relation to the then ongoing Hillsborough inquiry. Now we know why - now we know what we have long suspected to be true.

But let's not forget the real common link between the cover ups at Hillsborough and Orgreave. Let's not forget who benefitted the most from a corrupt police force's attacks upon the working classes - the then Tory government.

The instructions that South Yorkshire police carried out to the letter had to come from somewhere and the subsequent burial of the truth was carried out by the full might of an establishment complicit in such a cover up.

We need to remember and look back to the miners strike of 1984/85; a time when people were arrested for performing their right to picket and they and their families placed under daily, invasive surveillance, when people were even arrested for collecting money for miners, when officers of the police rode roughshod over miners without displaying their number on their shoulders - making it impossible to identify them and make an official complaint against them later. My uncle was arrested once simply for wearing miners boots and being out at 5am (he was going fish and had never been down a pit in his life!) A family friend was beaten about the face with a police truncheon. Burtonwood airbase round the corner from me was routinely given over to the police for 'training purposes' in the run up to 1984 - the police were primed and ready for a strike. Thatcher and her cabinet had planned this reaction to the strike and ensured their fascist police were ready and primed. Whenever I hear anyone say the Tories aren't evil, I can't help but view them as naive misguided fools, because the truth is plain to see in this neck of the woods.

There's currently a petition at Change asking for Thatcher's honours to be stripped. It will never happen of course (have they even stripped Jimmy Savile of his knighthood etc yet?) but it's worth signing - here

There is also a petition to ban The Scum from Liverpool for good in the wake of the Hillsborough verdict. Sign here

Lastly, there will be an anniversary rally held in Orgreave on Saturday 18th June at 5pm with several speakers confirmed including Michael Mansfield QC and ASLEF president Tosh McDonald. The campaign to force Theresa May and the current Tory government to examine the crimes of their predecessors continues and will not rest until the working class are vindicated.

Please support, donate, buy merch to fund the fight from the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign site here and please, tweet the home office @UKhomeoffice, and please email Theresa May as I have done;

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