Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Day New Romanticism Died

Much is written about the fact that, when The Sex Pistols became household names, punk had died. I'm not convinced by that argument, largely because I think punk had a greater and continued history and meaning beyond the King's Road and out into the urban areas especially up here in the north.

But not a lot is said regarding the demise of the next big music and fashion craze; New Romanticism. 

Well, I think I can put a date on that particular phase's death. It's sometime in September 1981. Adam Ant's Prince Charming may well have been Number 1 that month but, if you'd been a regular at the Blitz Club for a couple of years up until that point, you must have realised it was all over the day David Van Day and Thereza Bazaar rocked up on Top of the Pops to sing their track Handheld in Black and White dressed like buccaneers... 

Never ahead of the trend this cheesy pop duo had clearly seen what Adam Ant, Spandua Ballet and Duran Duran had started to wear and decided to get in on the act - and just what is the drummer wearing?! It's all so half-hearted as to be genuinely hilarious. It was screened again on BBC4 this week.

Still, the song is a dreadfully catchy earworm thanks to the Trevor Horn production and that bass line. Proof that you can indeed polish a turd!

But yes, definitely the day that New Romanticism died.

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