Friday, 6 May 2016

Spinners Keep Spinning

So we are in a situation where Labour have the biggest share of the vote overall, where London is poised to get its first Labour Mayor in 8 years, where all predictions of disaster haven't occurred and where the Tory government have once again conceded to pressure from the Labour opposition to backtrack on their decision to make all schools academies (along with their climb down on part-nationalising Tata Steel, and their climb down to return to negotiations with the BMA over the junior doctor strike) It is, all in all, a good day for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn.

Yet switch the TV on and you wouldn't know it. Because, like a dog with a bone, all they can say is Labour came third in Scotland, they didn't get the huge gains they predicted (news to me, all headlines have predicted huge losses!) and that the man who was democratically elected with a huge majority to serve the party as their leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is looking increasingly unsteady in his position. 

All this goes to show that the Blairite 'Red Tories' those who are so enamoured with and proud of their dark arts that took this country into an illegal war in Iraq are performing once again, spinning the same untrue bile against what is actually a very steady and successful time for the party.

Don't believe the tripe! Look between the lies. Look at the facts.

I'm going to speak to these proud 'Red Tories' like they would speak to us; grow the fuck up, stop complaining about your ball being taken away and get to work - the work needed to ensure Corbyn is our next Prime Minister. And if you really can't get behind the man, then grow some balls and do what I did when I came to the same conclusion about Blair, resign! Because the real beating heart of the Labour Party doesn't want you.

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