Wednesday, 11 May 2016

So Are You An Anti-Semite, a Misogynist or Just Someone Who Wants The Truth?

Yesterday I spoke about a petition on 38 Degrees which was asking for the sacking of the BBC's first female political editor Laura Kuenssberg on account of political bias, but 38 Degrees removed the petition on account of several offensive and sexist comments being made in relation to Ms. Kuenssberg which they, quite rightly, would not tolerate.  

In the wake of this news, David Cameron took a moment to stop slagging off the governments of other countries at Buck House to condemn the 'sexist bullies' attacking Kuenssberg, whilst it was suggested that the claims of bias were invented by dissatisfied members of the left, Corbynites and members of Momentum, who clearly have worrying misogynistic mindset regarding a female political editor. Claims of misogyny are damaging enough at the best of times, but this really is quite a body blow to the left in the wake of the Livingstone/Shah anti-semite row and the suggestion that such a negative view of Judaism and Israel is rife within the pro-Corbyn camp.

Author, former Ambassador and human rights activist Craig Murray (he of Murder In Samarkand fame) has been following this story in great detail and discusses it on his site, where he has managed to get hold of a data link which shows us all the comments left by those who signed this petition. You can read it all here

Given that no real sewer of misogynistic abuse can be found on the now published data link (other than two instances of her being called a 'witch' and one which suggests she has a thing with Cameron - they're the ones I've spotted anyway) 38 Degrees have claimed (backtracked, rather) that the abuse was done on social media in relation to the petition, rather than on the petition itself. But, as you can see from Murray's excellent site, he has so far found one tweet that is misogynistic towards Laura Kuenssberg, and that tweet comes from someone who is clearly, most emphatically not a Corbynite.

So, what's really going on here?

Well it seems to me that 35,000 good people concerned by the political bias at the heart of a public broadcaster have been grossly and unfairly tarred with the misogynist brush. Just like the anti-semite row, it appears you cannot criticise anything without being labelled something even worse. Why just yesterday I was told anyone wanting to support a petition against the BBC would be doing John Whittingdale's dirty work for him.

But what's more worrying is the fact that 38 Degrees, a not-for-profit political activism organisation for the people, has clearly been told to remove this petition at all costs. They've effectively been spun and in turn are now spinning a blatant lie regarding misogyny, simply because it benefits those who wish to discredit the left and Jeremy Corbyn - the Tories, and those Blairites still within the Labour Party - to keep political bias at the BBC.

Such is democracy eh?

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