Saturday, 14 May 2016

Out On Blue Six : The Stone Roses

The arrival of the lemon posters across Manchester this week could only mean one thing; The Stone Roses were back, and the arrival of some much rumoured, hotly anticipated new material touched down on Thursday night at 8pm in the shape of their new single All For One

I've stayed my hand when it came to posting thoughts until now because I wanted to hear it a few times. For me, it's a pleasing enough terrace anthem that's sure to go down well at the forthcoming live gigs but is perhaps a bit too safe, suggesting this is simply a tentative toe in the water for a band who hadn't produced any new material since the mid '90s. It lacks much of the shimmer we accept as the Roses sonic signature and the psychedelia and dancefloor shuffle is definitely absent for this 2016 incarnation, but overall this is still something to celebrate and the vocalisation of the rather generic, simple and repetitive lyrics find Brown in fine fettle.

Some of the mixed reviews are a bit unfair really, granted the single doesn't sound as unique as you may expect from The Roses, but the fact that it sounds like Oasis or a dozen other indie bands you could care to name shows just how important the band actually where in shaping that genre of music. I must admit though I did chuckle at the Radcliffe and Maconie show yesterday which saw one listener say its title lyric reminded them of the same lyric in the theme from Dogtanian and the Three Muskahounds!

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