Saturday, 14 May 2016

Out On Blue Six Eurovision Special : Precious

Being Eurovision night, Pointless has just had a celebrity Eurovision-themed special pitching former Eurovision entrants from the UK and Ireland against one another for the quiz. 

Pointless Celebrities Eurovision Special 2016, 
From l to r; Cheryl Baker and Jay Aston, Johnny Logan, Sophie McDonnell, Linda Martin, 
Natalie Power and Russ Spencer, and Jenny Frost, 
with hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman front and centre

One team was Sophie McDonnell and Atomic Kitten star Jenny Frost who in 1999 represented the UK with Say It Again

A real blast from the past, huh?

It's strange to feel nostalgic about the rather generic sound of a late 90s and early 00s girl band but, though I wasn't in to that kind of music at the time, I did rather like Say It Again, because it was our Eurovision entry and I was still relatively young enough to be bang into Eurovision at the time. I also rather fancied Sophie - and it was good to see her again on Pointless tonight having largely disappeared from our screens since her secondary career as a CBBC presenter seems to have come to an end.

Unfortunately, Precious didn't fare very well on the night itself, bagging a rather paltry 38 points and coming twelfth. They fared better in the UK charts reaching number 6 (along with number 36 and 34 in the Belgian and Swedish charts respectively) The group, comprising of Sophie and Jenny who established it in 1998, and Anya Lahiri, Kalli Clark-Sternberg and lead vocalist Louise Rose, went on to release their debut self titled album in November 2000 and a further three singles from there in the run up to that release; Rewind (number 11 in March 2000) It's Gonna Be My Way (number 27 in June of that year) and lastly New Beginning (which failed to chart beyond number 50 that autumn)  

Dropped from their label following disappointing album sales and diminishing singles performances, the group split to go their separate ways; Sophie into children's TV and radio, Anya into modelling with lads mag FHM, Louise into acting, Kalli into session singing and most famously of all, Jenny Frost who replaced Kerry Katona for bigger pop success with Atomic Kitten before a career fronting the likes of Snog Marry Avoid on BBC3. 

Let's hope the UK perform more successfully in the contest tonight - though I wouldn't get my hopes up!

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