Friday, 13 May 2016

Home Fires Stops Burning

Home Fires, the ITV drama that is the basis of one of my most visited, popular posts has been axed by ITV and will therefore not return for a third series.

Fans of the WWII set series (based on Jam Busters, a factual book concerning the efforts of the Women's Institute on the home front during wartime) are understandably up in arms, especially as series 2's finale which pulled in an impressive 4 million viewers ended on a cliffhanger, and have started a petition which I urge anyone who enjoyed the series to sign.

I must admit the decision to axe programmes lately is becoming an increasingly strange one. The tendency to axe anything that ends on a cliffhanger (The Mill and Atlantis being two that spring to mind) thereby ensuring the series to exist in limbo, never to be resolved, is an especially frustrating one, but this trend to axe shows that are consistently proven to be ratings winners and have national and even international appeal is a particularly strange one. Just last week we were told the BBC had axed Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle despite good audience figures, critical acclaim and several awards and awards nominations to its name (and there's a petition on to save that too) Home Fires seemed to do very well in the ratings wars and gained an affectionate following in the US too, so why they have chosen to get rid of it is frankly beyond me. Rise of the idiots people, rise of the idiots.

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