Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Fighting Back : Petitions to sign

Racism and anti-semitism in politics have figured large in this week's news in the wake of the Naz Shah/Ken Livingstone incidents last week. But it goes deeper than that doesn't it and these petitions certainly believe so

Whilst the Tories attempt to capitalise on the media shitstorm they have helped create against Labour ahead of this week's election, it's curious that they've turned a blind eye to their own racism. Boris Johnson called Obama 'half-Kenyan' and called into question his position regarding the EU based on his ancestry. This is nothing but disgusting, colonial racism. Sign this petition to get Boris suspended from the Tories. I'm surprised Cameron hasn't done this to be honest, it would remove his one true rival quite easily and pave the way to a remain vote.

Whatever your view on Ken Livinstone, and I've made mine known about the foot-in-mouth idiot, why has John Mann not been investigated for bringing the party into disrepute at such a crucial time? This petition at least asks for disciplinary procedure against what many have seen to be an extremely public, unprofessional and opportunistic stunt before the TV cameras. If you want his motives for doing so investigated, that's the petition for you.

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