Sunday, 29 May 2016

Fighting Back : Petitions to Sign : Expel Blair

Former PM and war criminal Tony Blair recently called Jeremy Corbyn's Labour leadership 'a dangerous experiment' on BBC television. It is nothing of the sort; it is an example of a democratically elected leader voted in with the largest majority by the party as a direct reaction to the failures of the Tory government and the hideous legacy of New Labour.

Tony Blair, like all his media spinning Blairite minions, are deliberately working against the party and Corbyn from within, and as such they should be expelled from the Labour Party - just like the members who, in the run up to the last leadership election, were barred from casting their vote and/or removed from the party. 

It is clear these self-serving middle-of-the-roaders will not do the decent thing and resign from the party themselves, like so many of us (including myself) did when we disagreed with New Labour and its own, far more 'dangerous experiment' of waging phoney wars to maintain a vain man's legacy and reputation in the US. So in that case we must remove them from the party ourselves.

If you agree, please sign this petition


  1. He even had the nerve to appear on The Andrew Marr Show on BBC this morning - a political discussion programme, obviously he is trying to deflect the forthcoming Chilcot Report on Iraq ....

    1. Absolutely my friend, he's deflecting the things that he's guilty of, stirring things up to preserve his arse and spinning as per usual. I see Jimmy McGovern's drama Reg will be on next Monday night I think, a biopic of Reg Keys who lost his son in Iraq and stood against Blair for election in Sedgefield. Hopefully that will remind the masses what kind of person he really is