Saturday, 7 May 2016

End of the Road for Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle

Usually when one of Stewart Lee's missives pings its way into my inbox the very last feeling I experience is disappointment, but that's exactly how I felt last night when the opening to his monthly newsletter revealed that his TV series Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle has been cancelled by the BBC.

I guess all good things have to come to an end but nonetheless the circumstances of the cancellation - that the channel will now concentrate solely on scripted comedy and that they're funding has been substantially cut - is pretty depressing. When you consider that the show had been BAFTA nominated for each of its four series, and won the prestigious award for its second run, as well as two British Comedy Awards and ratings were consistently strong, it's a sad state of affairs that the BBC is forced to jettison such a proven success.

Still, Stew doesn't seem unduly disappointed so I guess us fans mustn't be either. The good news is he'll be performing in Liverpool this November and will be giving away a DVD of the last series with a limited edition slip cover designed by artist Luke Drozd and signing copies after the show. And the really good news is I managed to bag myself a front row seat!

STOP PRESS: A petition on is asking the BBC to reconsider its decision to cancel Comedy Vehicle. Sign it here

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