Sunday, 8 May 2016

Bad Show BAFTA

It goes without saying the past twelve months have seen an inordinate number of tragic losses in the entertainment world and maybe it wasn't possible to pay tribute to all of them in the obits package on tonight's BAFTA but really to omit the following;

Gareth Thomas (two-time BAFTA Best Actor nominee) Barry Hines (writer of BAFTA award winning drama Threads) Barry Howard, Morag Siller, Douglas Wilmer, Sylvia Anderson, Adrienne Corri, Frank Finlay, Christopher Rozcyki, Keith Michell (BAFTA winner) Shirley Stelfox, Saeed Jaffrey, Peter O'Sullevan and Terry Sue Patt.

Was seriously ill advised.

Still, Peter Kosminsky delivered a blistering attack on Tory (no) Culture Secretary John Whittingdale to say hand off the BBC...

That's how to do a speech.

How not to do a speech was Peter Kay's non speech for Best Male Comic Actor and his rambling, shouted speech for Best Scripted Comedy. It's not funny Peter, its arrogant and it just shows that without a script, you are nothing.

Some very well deserved wins on the night; Poldark, Don't Take My Baby, the aforementioned Wolf Hall (Best Drama and Best Actor for Mark Rylance - who gave a beautiful anti-government speech also) and Chanel Cresswell for This Is England '90 and that fantastic series winning Best Mini Series Award too. But there was also some WTF moments, like Leigh Francis winning a BAFTA - has the world gone mad?!

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