Monday, 18 April 2016

While You Were Away (2016)

While You Were Away is a new, darkly comedic, award winning short film from writer Gabriel Miller and director Ben Mallaby. It stars Richard Herring, in possibly his very best near-straight acting performance, as a husband who confesses to a bizarre incident whilst his wife, played by Rachel Stubbings, has been away on a work trip to Bristol.

It's a compact two-hander that takes place in one room and focuses on the confession. To say what that confession actually is, would be to give too much away about While You Were Away - needless to say it's a shocking announcement delivered with great seriousness by the cast and Mallaby's direction, with intense, searching close-ups serving to unnerve as well as draw on the black humour. 

Miller's script takes the notion of emasculation and the shifting balance within many modern day relationships to the nth degree with a pleasing punchline at the end from the wife character played by Stubbings.

Watch it on vimeo here

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