Thursday, 7 April 2016

Vanessa Redgrave: Still Fighting The Good Fight

She may be 79, but it's admirable to see that age has not mellowed or softened Vanessa Redgrave who still passionately believes in addressing social injustice as her appearance on the junior doctors picket lines proved yesterday

Wearing a Support Junior Doctors T Shirt (which you can, like me, buy here) she showed solidarity with the junior doctors, addressing them to denouncing the Tory government who had treated them 'like dirt' by imposing this contract upon them. It was like rolling back the years to the '70s when Redgrave and her late brother Corin were mainstays of The Workers Revolutionary Party

Redgrave addressing the crowds in 1974

Here she is with Corin meeting Pilkingtons Glass worker and union rep Gerry Caughey in 1971, a man who my dad worked alongside for many years.(above pictures from the World Socialist Website)

It's truly great to see the left figuring so prominently in politics once more, even though it's clear that this resurgence is sadly because people's liberties are being slowly and cruelly eroded by this corrupt Tory government. Redgrave had also visited the Doctors Without Borders base at the Piraeus refugee camp last week - proving that her politics still mean much to her.

If you believe in the NHS and hate what this government are doing with it, then please show your support with the junior doctors. Buy a T-shirt, honk your car horn if you pass a picket line, or even visit a picket yourself. I did the other month and, believe me, they want to know that we are on their side. It makes their day.


  1. It was good to see her on stage at The Olivier Awards tv show the other night - apparantly she had an almost fatal heart attack last year when on her own but managed to get help in time. She was mesmerising on stage in her prime and such a beauty in those 60s films like Morgan and Blowup. She certainly didn't compromise on her beliefs.

    1. It's good to *see* her, as opposed to just hear her narration on Call The Midwife, but it's especially good to see her with her principles still intact...unlike some *ahem* Ben Elton *ahem*