Thursday, 28 April 2016

RIP Barry Howard

Hi-de-Hi star Barry Howard has passed away following a short battle with cancer. He was 78

Howard starred as the supercilious, acid-tongued ballroom dancing instructor Barry Stuart-Hargreaves who reserved his most waspish asides for his equally haughty wife and dance partner Yvonne played by Diane Holland for the first seven series of the classic sitcom from 1980 to 1986. He was dropped in series eight and replaced by Ben Aris, with rumours at the time pointing to unreliability and an issue with alcohol. 

Howard continued to work in panto, often opposite John Inman as The Ugly Sisters in several productions of Snow White, and continued to appear on television with appearances in shows such as You Rang, M'Lord and the Russell T Davies sitcom The House of Windsor though he would often complain of typecasting following his most famous role. RTD would later give Howard his last acting role on TV, appearing in a 2009 Christmas episode of Doctor Who which bid farewell to David Tennant's Doctor.



  1. Hi Di Hi is one of my favourite sitcoms and remains very re-watchable. We loved Barry and Yvonne - suprised he was still alive actually (until now), as a lot of the cast have already been departed for years.

    1. I must admit, every time he appeared on our screens I was always surprised to see him still alive. Even way back in You Rang, M'Lord - I thought he was absent from the last years of Hi-De-Hi because, like Leslie Dwyer whose character was written out around the same time - he had died. When he appeared again in Doctor Who and, most recently, in a celeb special of Eggheads it was quite a surprise. Hi-De-Hi was such a strange show; the limelight seemed to fall on the likes of Paul Shane and Su Pollard when, for my money, the best humour came from Simon Cadell and Barry and Diane Holland.

  2. And of course Ruth Madoc as Gladys Pugh from the Valleys. It was great seeing her again recently (but not for long) in Sky's STELLA (as the major of Pontyberry who keels over so Auntie Brenda can step into her shoes) and of course in LITTLE BRITAIN as Dafydd's mother ironing his jockstrap. Simon Cadell was marvellous, as is his sister Selina - their grandmother must have been Jean Cadell in 1940s movies like Whiskey Galore (like veteran Gladys Henson must have been the grandmother of Nicky ...).