Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Out On Blue Six : The Unthanks

The glorious version of the 1800s trad. Scottish folk ballad Annachie Gordon is brought to life once more with the wonderful haunting and heartbreaking vocals of Rachel and Becky Unthank...

The roots of the ballad lie in a true story: Its heroine, Jeannie, is to be married off at the insistence of her father to a wealthy man, Lord Saltoun, but she is in love with Annachie Gordon, the subject of the song. The song chronicles her resistance to the marriage before she is eventually dragged to the church.  Jeannie refuses to sleep in the same bed until her father comes down and tells her maid to undo her gown.  Jeannie collapses at her father's feet and dies for love of Annachie. Annachie, having been away at sea, returns where Jeannie's distressed maidens tell him that Jeannie has been married in his absence and has now died of a broken heart.  Annachie tells the maidens to take him to the chamber where Jeannie lies and then, having kissed her cold lips, also dies of a broken heart.

End Transmission

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