Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Justice at Last

Great news from Warrington; the 96 victims of 1989's Hillsborough disaster have finally been granted the justice they so long deserved. The jury returned to state that they were the victims of gross negligence and unlawfully killed.

The jury found that Ch Supt David Duckenfield's actions breached his duty of care to the football supporters that day, that failures by him and commanding officers led to the crush on the terraces and confusion regarding the opening of the Leppings Lane exit, and that police errors overall led to the dangerous situation at the turnstiles. They also found that the major incident was not declared quickly enough by the South Yorks constabulary and Ambulance Service, leading to delays in the emergency response. 

They also found that the Sheffield Wednesday stadium itself had defects and an incorrect safety certificate amongst other issues.

The 27 year campaign from the families and survivors is at last fully vindicated and David Cameron has praised their long struggle - interesting, considering how for many years the Tories seemed content to lay the blame squarely at the fans door thanks to inactivity and the slurs made by Tory fave The Scum.

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