Wednesday, 13 April 2016

John Whittingdale: The Return of Tory Sleaze

Many seem surprised to see that Culture Secretary John Whittingdale had a two year secret relationship with a sex worker.

Really? Look at the man

It's obvious he has to pay for it.

Whittingdale claims he had no idea the woman was a dominatrix sex worker. Perhaps he just thought she was asking for petrol money?

He also claims that the fact that FOUR national newspapers knew about this affair and declined to publish the facts (well, they were too busy hacking the phones of dead teenage girls weren't they?) had no bearing whatsover on his job overseeing regulatory frameworks upon the press in the wake of the Leveson inquiry.

Downing Street have said that they see no conflict of interest, stating that Whittingdale is entitled to a private life. He therefore won't be facing the he'd probably enjoy it.


  1. He never thought to ask her what she did for a living whilst she gave him a good beating? I suppose we are all allowed our foibles but please resign.

    1. It's all bollocks isn't it? It annoys me that ex tabloid hacks and Tories are now claiming that the BBC, Labour, Hacked Off and anyone with any common sense are a bunch of hypocrites because the 4 newspapers did what we've been asking for for a long time, and respected a man's private life. Well yeah they did, but they weren't respecting anyone else's private lives at the time, which smacks of preferential treatment. And why was he getting that treatment? Because of his responsibility towards the press legislation. They kept it out of the papers to keep him - a Murdoch favourite who wants the BBC abolished - on side, and its disgusting to see them protesting otherwise. He needs to go.