Thursday, 28 April 2016

Hillsborough is One Battle Won, Now Let's Win the War

The verdict returned this week regarding the Hillsborough disaster was incredible. Finally, justice has been done. But the fight to get such vindication was a herculean effort that deserves recognition, and this petition at 38 Degrees asks that all members of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign receive a National Honour to mark their courageous battle.

But the fight isn't over yet.

The people responsible for the tragedy, the lies and the cover up that has continued for decades need to be held criminally accountable now and we await those results eagerly.

But we also need to look at all the cover ups that occurred under Thatcher's fascist regime in the 1980s, because it is now clear to all that that decade was nothing but a class war between us and them that saw them determined to eradicate, slur and sully the good name and livelihood of this countries working class. 

Recent documents brought to light reveal that Thatcher had always fully intended to destroy the mining industry in this country, that she lied and that she unlawfully branded those who dared to oppose her as liars, hooligans, anarchists and 'the enemy within'. The real 'enemy within' were of course the Tory party, the police force and the media bias of the Murdoch press and the BBC, so let's hold them accountable now.

Let's ramp up the Orgreave campaign for truth and justice, and lets hold to account Theresa May's agreement with Andy Burnham in the House yesterday to investigate all miscarriages of justice.

Please, tweet the home office @UKhomeoffice, and please email Theresa May as I have done; (please not that is the correct email address, not the one on the above poster image!)

Please, let us get our good name back, let us get the justice we deserve, let us get those responsible, those who treated us like dirt, to face the consequences of their scurrilous actions. 

Do it now, because cover ups on the scale of Hillsborough, Orgreave, the unlawful shooting of Cherry Groce that sparked the Brixton riots to name, the Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry, the murder of Ian Tomlinson, Operation Elvedon, the institutionalised child abuse and VIP paedophile ring at the heart of the UK's media, government and police force, to name but a few, could all occur again tomorrow. We need to protect ourselves for the future by looking to the past. Please, do it now and let us take a step towards justice once more.

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