Saturday, 9 April 2016

Fighting Back : Petitions to Sign - On Yer Bike Cameron

In light of the Panama Papers coming to light this week, has become flooded with petitions demanding Cameron resign and the government is given a vote of no confidence. I urge you all to sign as many as possible, but these ones in particular are gaining good traction so I have decided to share them here. So, please, sign here and here

ETA: As per Michael's comment below there's also this one from 38 degrees that has a mighty total so far. Please sign here


  1. There's an even bigger one here, currently sitting at nearly 50k signatures:

  2. Oh yes, I forgot about that one...and I'd signed it only the other day! Thanks mate! PLEASE SIGN EVERYONE

  3. Its been delicious all week seeing Cameron squirming and trying to evade admitting his father's tax dodging and how he and his family have benefitted. He has no credibilty whatsoever now as he blusters away - posh boys are all the same.