Friday, 1 April 2016

Fighting Back : Petition to Sign - Steel Special

Perfectly roundhead Karl Pilkington look-a-like Sajid Javid (the cunt) is  finally visiting Tata Steel at Port Talbot today in an attempt to convince the workers there whose jobs are under threat that the Tories are on their side.

That's one hell of an April Fool joke isn't it?

As we know, Javid and Cameron have both gone on record to say that nationalisation is not the answer. In other words, they've dismissed it out of hand because as far as they're concerned only their chums in the city are worth saving and bailing out.

If you disagree, and believe the steel industry is worth fighting for then please sign this petition calling for nationalisation. Let's make the Tories listen to the mood of the country and let's stand by our steel industry!

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