Monday, 11 April 2016

Dennis Skinner Sticks It To Dodgy Dave

Good old Dennis Skinner, refusing to be cowed by the arcane 'rules' of The House and saying what the people actually think - that our Prime Minister is dodgy

That is true representation of the people. The people are angry that once again these Tory bastards have shown that they believe themselves above the law. Boo hoo hoo Dave, if you are 'hurt' on your dead dad's behalf. No one is disputing he wasn't a good father or he didn't work hard...but what he didn't do was pay his taxes - and that's exactly what every other hardworking good father does in this country and what you expect them to do. It cannot be one rule for you and a different one for the rest of us, and so Dennis Skinner pointing that out and earning (in his own words) 'an early bath' can only be a good thing and a thing for us to celebrate. With anger rising in society, it stands to reason that we have some heated moments in The House. It shows that there are still some MP's who care enough to give us a voice inside those cloistered walls!

Please sign this petition asking for Dodgy Dave to resign. It won't happen we know, but it's a way of making it absolutely clear that this behaviour will not be accepted by us any longer. We must stop rolling over and letting these Tory bastards fuck us up the arse.


  1. Good old Dennis.

    Though if I knew I was going to get chucked out anyway, I'd have said something a bit less restrained than "Dodgy Dave"!

    1. Yes I'd opt for something like 'slimy, conniving, heartless toffee nosed twat' myself!

      I see The Torygraph claim that Dennis isn't an hero, he's just silly and rude *rolls eyes*

      Funny though isn't it, how Skinner can be chucked out for 'Naming a Member' yet when Cameron called him 'a dinosaur' in 2012, John Bercow did fuck all except laugh? Again, another example of one rule for them and another for the rest of us.

      These stupid, arcane and hypocritical rules once again show up how ridiculous and childish our parliament is. You can boo, jeer, wag your finger in The House, as well as offer sexist comments and chauvinistic behaviour up to your fellow female MP's, but call someone 'dodgy' and out you go.

    2. Don't forget applauding. That's "unparliamentary"... unless you're applauding the decision to bomb yet another Middle Eastern country, that is.

      The whole circus is a total embarrassment and it's why I largely switch over if any footage inside the parliament comes on, even if it's on a subject I'm interested in. I'd far rather read about it online without the need to actually see and hear them. I wonder how much self-awareness they actually have as regards how they come across to the outside world. It's no wonder great swathes of people are completely apathetic about politics when this band of jeering public schoolboys are its torchbearers.